It’s not every day that a pet owner completes a DIY project for their fur babies to enjoy.

But dedicated pet moms and dads will go above and beyond for their fuzzy children, as I’m sure you know if you’re reading this article.

Without a doubt, you can add cat enthusiast ArialeneHexagra to that list. On a total whim, the novice carpenter invited her dad over for a weekend bonding project to build her cats a giant climbing wall. While the final design may not be perfect, there’s no doubt her kitties are going to go crazy for it.

ArialeneHexagra had tons of toys for her cats but knew that so much could be done with this empty wall space to make their lives even more fun.

Dad began the project by installing a series of frames equipped with furring strips.

With the main frame installed, they began attaching individual pegboards, using studs and anchor screws to secure them to the wall.

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The kitties were so excited about their new play area that they decided to lend a helping paw.

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With all the pegboards in place, they began installing hooks as they considered the best layout for the elevated climbing areas.

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The time had finally come to start assembling the wall. First thing’s first: jumping shelves.

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In total there were nearly 80 anchor spots on the wall.

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After that it was time to attach some drawers to make each unit perfect for hiding or napping.

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Next they attached scrap carpet pieces to the shelves to protect their kitties from any sharp edges.

Imgur / ArialeneHexagra

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It didn’t take long for the cats to dive right in!

Imgur / ArialeneHexagra

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Something tells me they think it’s the cat’s meow.

Imgur / ArialeneHexagra

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