It’s a new year, why not learn a new skill?

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1. Arm Knitted Scarf

Handimania / Via

Come on, you don’t even need needles for this!

2. iPad Sleeve

The Green Wife / Via

Some cushy fabric, a couple of seams and you’ve got a cozy cover for that brand new iPad!

3. Leather Necklace

Ama Ryllis / Via

It’s way easier than you think to make eye-catching jewelry you can wear with just about anything.

4. Newbie Knit Headband

Kollabora / Via

Learn how to knit. Keep you ears warm. It’s a win/win situation!

5. 7 Embroidery Stitches

Anne Mende / Via

7 basic embroidery stitches will take you pretty far when it comes to embellishing clothing and accessories or whipping up some fun decor.

6. Embroidered Notebooks

Chloe / Via

Use those new embroidering skills to make taking notes and pulling together to-do lists way more fun.

7. Wire Bow Ring

I Spy DIY / Via

Wire wrap your way to a sweet little bow ring, and maybe a matching necklace too.

8. Fabric Scrap “Mug Rugs”

Tiz / Via

You don’t have to tackle a whole quilt just yet. Test out your quilting skills with some easy mug rugs first.

9. Upcycled Jewel Box Clutch

Charlotte Smith / Via

give broken necklaces and mismatched earrings a new home with a pretty little upcycled box clutch.

10. Wire Wrapped Pearls

Thanks, I Made It / Via

Add wire wrapping skills to your DIY toolbox with these pretty little pearl earrings.

11. Crochet Greetings

Anastasia / Via

Make those thank you notes a little more fancy with a little bit of beginner friendly crochet.

12. Painted Napkins

Create/Enjoy / Via

You’re just two steps away from setting your dinner table with a set of cooler-than-average napkins.

13. Pillow Covers

Raegun Ramblings / Via

Brighten up your living room area with quick envelope pillow covers.

14. Marbled Pendants

Claireabellemakes / Via

There are so many fun ways you can use clay to make jewelry, including these lovely little marbled pendants.

15. Memo Boards

Lowes / Via

Keep organized with a functional memo board made out of a drop cloth!

16. Bitty Booties

Creative Design / Via

A pair of adorable little fortune cookie booties are a great way to practice your knit stitches.

17. Easy Quilts

The Wonder Forest / Via

Piles of leftover fabric scraps are a great excuse to test our your quilting skills

18. Statement Rings

Mark Montano / Via

Make a serious statement with glitter, glaze and an ice cube tray!

19. Leather Coin Pouches

World of Pineapple / Via

An easy-to-make way to keep all your change in one place.

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