Growing up in the ’90s, this guy had his older sister to thank for watching his back when their dad went off to work. Now that they’ve both grown up, he recognizes what a hassle that had to be for her to give up all the awesome fun of the decade to take care of him.

So for Christmas this year, he decided to make it up to her with this seriously epic, nostalgia-packed gift.

Y’know, just a few things to “remind her of her ’90s childhood before I became her responsiblity and hell-raiser of a lil brother.”

And by a few, he means all the things.

He broke it down into five categories: toys, snacks (seen below), school supplies, entertainment, and clothing.

It just wasn’t the ’90s without the Looney Tunes gang on your oversized shirt.

Add in a fanny pack and you were ready for anything.

Any ’90s kid worth their name will be able to pick up that recorder and knock out a decent rendition of “Hot Cross Buns.”

He was able to find most of the amazing products on a site called Nostalgia Chest.

Psh, kids today with their iPhones and tablets just won’t understand.

(You totally want to write “80085” on this bad boy, don’t ya?)

And finally, what he aptly calls the “Piece De Resistance”…

Hey, that’s a lot of hours! You can’t beat that kind of deal! Ahh, I can hear that dial-up sound in my head now like it was yesterday. His sister will, like, totally flip when she sees this amazing haul!

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