If you don’t think bullying is a serious problem, consider the story of Cassidy Trevan.

Before the age of 13, Cassidy was an ordinary kid. She loved animals, hanging out with her mom, Linda, and taking goofy selfies. In seventh grade, however, everything changed. A group of girl students at Wellington Secondary College in Melbourne, Australia, had begun to bully and terrorize Cassidy.

What started out as slaps on the face and jabs on social media continued to escalate until Linda pulled her daughter out of school for a semester. Just when things started to look up for Cassidy, her classmates committed the ultimate act of betrayal.

It was at this school in Melbourne where the bullying began. A group of girls terrorized Cassidy, hitting her, following her around shops, and even leaving cruel graffiti on her family home.

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She was heartbroken and terrified. Linda pulled her out of school and got her enrolled in a bullying recovery program. Eventually, she felt strong enough to return to campus two days a week.

Everything seemed to be looking up for Cassidy. She was back at school, in love with her boyfriend, Luke, and the girls who used to bully her had apologized for their actions. Cassidy was thrilled to accept their invitation to the Springvale Festival in February 2014.

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The bullies, however, had been hatching a sinister plan. Instead of attending the festival, they lured Cassidy to a nearby house where three older boys were waiting. While two took turns gang raping Cassidy, the third stood watch. Cassidy was only 13 years old at the time.

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Cassidy told her mother what happened, but fearing retaliation, refused to make a formal statement to police. After the incident, the bullies continued to harass her on social media and over the phone. Linda watched in horror as the daughter she’d once known began to slip away.

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On December 12, 2016, Cassidy couldn’t take the pain any longer. Tragically, she took her own life.

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