Trendy restaurants can be fun, but…

There seems to be a trend in dining establishments these days where it is a faux pas to put food where it belongs…y’know, on a plate. Chefs are getting more creative with how they serve their dishes and plates are a thing of yesteryear it would appear.

One man is standing up to the ludicrous “plating” of food these days with his website and Twitter account, We Want Plates. Ross McGinnes came up with the idea after he saw his friend post a picture of a steak on a cutting board. McGinnes believes that people are falling for “style-over-content nonsense” — instead of paying attention to how good to food tastes, were focusing on how it’s served.

People can tweet their most wacky food plating experiences to @WeWantPlates.

McGinnes then shares the best pics, complete with snarky comments about the presentation.

Some of the “platings” are just downright ridiculous, like this one where onion rings hang from a pipe.

The last place I want my food is in a shoe.

Understandably so, people are becoming fed up with the ridiculousness of these new plating ideas.

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The main point of this crusade is to bring back normal plates and to stop with all the nonsense.

I mean seriously, this looks gross.

A shovel? Come on!

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In theory, a picnic basket makes sense…

This must’ve been inspired by a prison meal.

Oh, look, a candle full of calamari.

What is the meaning of this?!

Slate boards were not meant for this…

Drinking from a tin can seems like a totally safe idea.

(via Uproxx)

Will you join this cause? Do you think that it’s a cause worth fighting for? Share your thoughts in the comments and we’ll get to the bottom of this plate vs. no plate debate!

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