If you’re a parent, you know how it feels when people send disapproving glances your way when your little ones act up in the grocery store.

For all they know, your child could have a toothache, or they could feel anxious about being in such a crowded place. Unfortunately, parents are often on the receiving end of very little empathy in situations like that.

And this mom named Amanda Wilkins knows the feeling all too well. Both of her little girls struggle with autism, and when they feel stressed, they can’t help but react. While they were out shopping one day, an employee did something that Wilkins will never forget.

Here’s what happened in the grateful mom’s words:

I would like to say a massive thank you to the lady in the photo (sorry, didn’t see her name) who helped me today at Morrisons in Basingstoke.

I have two children that are both registered blind and are also autistic. As you can imagine, shopping is not an easy thing for me to do. At the checkout, both girls decided to go into meltdown and this very kind lady decided to help instead of judge. It doesn’t happen very often!

She distracted my daughter by letting her scan all my shopping. A dream come true for Holly, who loves playing shops. It melts my heart to come across people that are prepared to go the extra mile, and little acts of kindness make a massive difference to my world.

I hope this gets back to her and she knows how much we appreciate it.

A spokesperson for Morrisons identified the woman as Lin, and they wanted to make sure Wilkins knew just how much they appreciated her kind words.

The cashier was even congratulated by her store manager!

When other moms came out of the woodwork to express their gratitude for Lin’s kindness, it became clear that this woman makes a point of spreading compassion each and every day.

Life is hard for children who have to deal with autism, and it’s difficult for the parents who love them to watch on as the world passes judgement. We just want to extend our thanks to Lin for counteracting this negativity with such a positive, empathetic attitude!

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