Trees. Buildings. Billboards. Those are just some things that are 60 feet tall. A 15 year-old girl named Christine found a way to climb up a tree 60 feet high… then she fell from it. The photos that show this from start to finish are very emotional.

When Christine was only 15 years-old, she was experimenting with drugs and messed around with a bad crowd.

One night, after mixing drugs, she decided to climb this tree. She fell.

She was 60 feet up when she fell out; she could have very easily hit cement. This was her after the accident, doctors didn’t think she’d make it through the night.

She had a broken left upper femur, a broken pelvis in two places, (left rear & right front), a broken right wrist & thumb, internal bleeding in the stomach, a torn spleen but not bleeding, a collapsed right lung and trapped air, damaged front teeth, a broken nose, a broken right eye socket, fractures to the scull and blending & bruising of the brain.

Christine’s sister never left her side.

Nor did the rest of her family.

After being in the hospital for weeks, Christine finally made it home.

Some of her deep scars.

She was literally covered in them.

Now, she is completely recovered. She doesn’t do drugs, rarely drinks and is a model citizen. Luckily, she didn’t have any lasting damage, but everything could have turned out much differently.


This is something that could’ve ended up much, much worse. Christine not only survived it but learned from it. And that’s all you can do.

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