Halloween isn’t too popular in Japan, though its popularity is growing. Perhaps this brand new spoooooooky apartment building will change that. If anything is going to get a nation into the idea of door-to-door free candy, it’s a row of apartments inhabited by “witches.” If the people of Hamamatsu can’t realize what kind of trick-or-treater’s paradise they live in, maybe we need to take a trip on October 31st.

If you need more persuading to drop everything and travel across the world to see these spooky sights, take a look at this apartment complex that’s just asking to be flooded with people in Halloween costumes. Check it out! 

The complex was designed to fit a “fairy tale” look…

…but it certainly seems more “spooky campfire story” than anything.

All that’s missing is a giant cobweb.

Watch out for the black cat.

I hope that the crow is more welcoming in person than it looks.

(via Kotaku)

I’m definitely headed here for Halloween. It should be fun, but I have to say, I’m not looking forward to eating my candy before I go through customs…

Okay, fine. I totally am.

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