It’s normal to make some mistakes in life, even ones whose consequences don’t just go away in a week or two. However, when you make a permanent decision (like getting a tattoo, adopting a pet or having a child) you should probably think it through. Sometimes it’s easy to avoid huge mistakes… These people? They definitely didn’t think about what they were doing for too long. That’s how they ended up doing something so ridiculous… and you’re bound to feel better about your own life after seeing this.

1.) That’s an oddly placed heart…

2.) WHY? WHY? WHY?

3.) Oh yes. Knowledge is.

4.) Never get a fad tattoo.

5.) So that’s what Elvis looks like?

6.) Oh no…

7.) My next what?

8.) That’s dedication.

9.) I don’t think this does Mama justice.

10.) Oh look, a face on a face.

11.) Ewwwwwwwww.

12.) This isn’t sending a good signal.

13.) Couple tattoos are never good ideas.

14.) YOLO is bad enough, don’t make it a tattoo.

15.) A selfie tattoo? NOPE.

16.) A forehead is the worst place for a tattoo.


18.) And easy to make fun of.

19.) I’m not sure if “shading” will fix this.

20.) Someone might want to go back to math class.

21.) I never thought I could be so afraid of a baby.

22.) It’s supposed to say “I love you.”

23.) Just… do it?

24.) Oh, man.

25.) White boy should have rethought this.

26.) That’s a… cougar?

27.) If you get a tattoo in a foreign language… speak the language.

28.) This is a face you can trust, apparently.

29.) Is this really a thing to brag about?

30.) This football fan is a little weird.

31.) Oh, He will “gudge” you.

32.) Nope, never.

(H/T BuzzFeed) What’s worse? The fact that people wanted these tattoos or that the tattoo artists were okay with spending hours making them? Either way, someone messed up, resulting in these awful (and awfully permanent) mistakes. This has to make you feel better about your own goof-ups. Share it with others!

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