Karrie Brown is a special girl. She always has a smile on her face, she loves to be silly and she is one of the most passionate people you will ever read about. She also has Down Syndrome.

It has been her dream to be a model. And now, thanks to a company with a big heart and lots of charisma on her part, she is one. She is a beautiful person, inside and out.

Karrie loves modeling her favorite brand of clothing, Wet Seal. They make a line for curvier girls and she absolutely loves it.

Her mother, Sue, posted pictures of her daughter on Facebook. Other mothers of children with Down Syndrome noticed how well the clothes fit and asked her where Karrie bought them. They encouraged Sue to set up a modeling page for Karrie.

Once the page “Karrie Brown – Modeling for the Future” was set up, Karrie’s images began going viral. Within ONE day, Wet Seal contacted Sue. They said if Karrie’s page reached 10,000 likes, they would fly her out to their headquarters. Her page now has 20,000 likes.

Wet Seal made good on their promise, flying Karrie from Illinois to California and giving her the royal treatment every step of the way. Once she got to the headquarters of Wet Seal, she was given a new wardrobe and an opportunity to model her new clothes.

She was absolutely glowing the entire time. Her dream of being a model was coming true.

Wet Seal also sent Karrie and her family to Disney Land, all expenses paid.

Karrie is a princess and she deserves to be treated like one.

Karrie’s mother created the non-profit organization “Karried Away.” It’s goal is to help young people like Karrie find a meaningful occupation.

Now that Karrie has been a model, her sights are set on something else. Dancing on Ellen and working at a library, helping other people learn.

Karrie’s FB Page

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